I could answer this in so many ways …..  

I could go the generic route, tell you that I’m a strong, intelligent woman.  I could go the easy route, tell you I’m a new artist trying to break into the scene.  But I’m gonna take my route…the honest and not so lovely truth. 

I’m a 33 year old woman set on making a difference.  I often can’t sleep at night, because thoughts of disappointment and failure fill my mind as I know I haven’t been able to accomplish the things I was put on this earth to achieve.  And the worst part about it, is that I’m very aware that I’m the only person stopping myself.  I’ve vowed to break through the barriers of my own mind, along with the barriers that society has put on every woman who’s hit her 30’s. 

I want to change lives on a global level. I want to put my toes into the soil of every country on this earth. I want to leave footprints on the souls of many and change the outlook of those screaming inside who dare to be different. I want to motivate children to become what they always thought that they could. I want to open orphanages in multiple countries to give children the unconditional love I was raised with.  I want to sit in the oval office. I want to perform to a stadium of 100 thousand people. And that’s really just the beginning…

I’m into growing and changing. I truly believe that every day is a day set forth for growth and that as each minute passes you can evolve into a better version of yourself.   Every day I wake up wanting to be a better me than the day before. I’m a strong believer of mediation and vision boards. I’m an advocate of setting your sights on specific moments and attaining them. I’m a believer of turning dreams into realities. 

My hobbies involve globetrotting to unknown destinations and pleasure reading the treasure books that I pick up along the way.  I love meeting random people, getting to know the depths of their purpose and their journeys that came to be. 

I treasure my health, my soul and my mind.  I try to feed my body good things, learning that the Pareto 80/20 principle applies to much more than just business and knowledge, it can also assist in a healthy lifestyle. I try to lead a plant based organic life 80% of the time, while giving into the temptations and the joys of modern day processed goods 20% of the time.  I practice yoga in a hot room, to cleanse my body and my soul of all the daily toxins.  I believe that you come into this world and leave this world with just two things, your breath and your heartbeat.  I also lift weights and cringe through squats as to minimize the little dimples on my thighs that I’ve gained throughout the years.

I come from a half Mexican half everything white Catholic household. My parents have 6 children, did an amazing job raising us and are still happily married. When I reflect on the things I am grateful for, my family is always at the top of the list.  It’s important to have love and support from your family, it' truly everything to me.  I know just how blessed I am to have them. le 

I own a small business that has afforded me the ability to work while I travel and be flexible with my hours. It took a lot of discipline, dedication and determination to get me to where I am today.  It didn’t come easy, it wasn’t handed down through my family, I didn’t just ‘get lucky’, I worked and I worked and I worked…and I’m still working.

These are just little insights into me….the little things that make me tick